About Us

The Villages BCA Pool League was started in 2005 by Gene Bourgeois and Bill Turechek. Teams were formed in 2005 and play began in January of 2006. The league started with 6 teams. Soon word spread that the league was fun and exciting so it grew quickly. There are players at all levels of skill in the league. The wide variety of playing abilities makes the league a good place to just relax and enjoy the game of billiards. However, as with all sports there is still a level of competition that appeals to both the strong and novice players. New players can learn from some of the more experienced player while competing with them. Scoring is done using the BCA Pool League’s handicap system. While the handicap does not take anything away from the individuals that are playing the games it does help the team that has a lower handicap. If you enjoy pocket billiards, you’ll love playing in The Villages BCA Pool League.